Four new members join Lavery’s ranks

Lavery is pleased to announce that four recently sworn-in lawyers are joining Lavery following the completion of their articling within the firm.

Ayman El Alamy joins our Litigation and Conflict Resolution group and practices mainly in civil litigation and insurance law.

"Working at Lavery means that you get the chance to be involved very quickly in stimulating projects while benefitting from learning-centred supervision and a friendly work environment imbued with a strong spirit of collegiality."

Maria Ionele joins the Labor and Employment Law Group. She joined Lavery in October 2021 as a student and completed her articling term at the firm in 2022.

"Lavery was the obvious choice for me. There, I encountered an authentic team of passionate and inspiring professionals. It's the ideal firm for developing as a legal professional. The cases are exciting and collaboration between colleagues is emphasized, making for a stimulating work environment."

Sofia Khan joins the Labor and Employment team. She completed her articling term at the firm in 2022. She completed her B.A. in Civil Law Cooperative at the University of Ottawa in 2020 and her B.A. in Common Law under the National J.D. Program at the University of Ottawa in 2022.

"What has marked me the most in my time at Lavery is the passion, determination and collaborative spirit of all the professionals that I have worked with. I am now starting my career in labour law, with the opportunity to be involved in major cases, to collaborate with experts in the field and to be surrounded by mentors who have my professional development at heart."

Philippe Vachon joins the Administrative Law team.

"Articling at Lavery was an opportunity for me to personally experience an environment where initiative is encouraged, while benefitting from the supervision required to develop the professional skills I needed in order to practice as a lawyer."

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