Daniel Bouchard and Sarah Leclerc discuss environmental law

Daniel Bouchard Sarah Leclerc On June 10, 2016, Daniel Bouchard, Managing Partner of the Quebec City office gave a presentation as part of the 2016 edition of the training event ‘Recent developments in environment’. His conference was a summary of the article "Reflection on the underutilized municipal authorities in environment" he recently co-wrote with lawyer Sarah Leclerc, contributing to the following book  recently published by Les Éditions Yvon Blais :

"Thinking about the underutilization of municipal authorities in environment", clearly states the view of its authors. Indeed, despite the decentralization of powers regarding local management causing the expansion of municipal jurisdiction, including that of environmental protection, civil society seems doomed to suffer the discretionary choice of elected officials in this matter. The article offers an insight on the importance and usefulness of the powers of elected officials in this area in addition to giving examples of these opportunities not seized by elected officials. The authors also make recommendations seeking to propose ways to potentially resolve this urgent problem." [Translation - book available in French only]

Recent developments in environmental law, Department of continuing education, the Quebec Bar, 2016 Ed. Yvon Blais, vol. 418., p. 31.

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