Our values
at Lavery

Lavery has nearly 500 members, including more than 200 legal services professionals, all guided by the same goal of driving the growth of companies doing business in Quebec.

We offer multidisciplinary legal services that are tailored to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. We have a strong network with a presence in the business centres of Montréal, Québec City, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières, making us the largest independent firm in Quebec.

At Lavery, excellence and conviviality go hand in hand

We offer quality services inspired by the greatest firms, at a human-scale. We are determined to remain accessible and collaborative as an organization.

We are guided by the highest professional standards

For over 100 years, Lavery has been making history. We were the first firm to hire a woman lawyer in Quebec and have had 51 of our lawyers and partners become judges in the court system.

Today, several decisions by our alumni, which include the current chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, are still having an impact on the legal and sociopolitical landscape of Quebec and Canada.

Unifying and inspiring leadership is in our DNA

Excellence, entrepreneurship, boldness and collaboration are the values that guide our actions and decisions every day. These values are in our DNA and make us inspiring drivers of growth, unifying leaders and bold visionaries.

We stand for excellence

We know that our actions define who we are. We are guided by the highest standards of excellence and integrity established in the legal industry and our various professions. We contribute to the success of our members, customers, partners and society as a whole.

We cultivate a cooperative spirit

We are supportive and generous with our know-how and recognize the talent and potential of all our members. We celebrate our wins and learn from adversity together.

We are entrepreneurs

Our independence and accountability guide us and allow us to be ambitious as a group. We seize every opportunity for development and growth, in a way that benefits everyone.

We embrace our boldness

We continuously evaluate best practices. We are not afraid to reinvent ourselves, and we don’t hesitate to take initiative, propose new ideas or challenge the things we take for granted.

Our strong and clear values guide us in the pursuit of our commitments, while allowing us to continue to play a leading role in the transformation of legal services in Quebec.