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  • Autonomous Air Vehicles : Are they at the gates of our cities?

    For many years now, we have been discussing the arrival of autonomous vehicles on Quebec roads. Thus, in April 2018, the government amended the Highway Safety Code1 to adapt it to the particularities of these new vehicles However, the automotive sector is not the only one being transformed by (…)

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  • Artificial intelligence: is your data well protected across borders?

    Cross-border deals are always challenging, but when related to AI technologies, such deas additionally involve substantial variations in terms of the rights granted in each jurisdiction. Looking at cross-border deals about Artificial Intelligence technologies therefore requires a careful analysis of (…)

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  • Open innovation: A shift to new intellectual property models?

    “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” This was said by Thomas Edison, known as one of the most outstanding inventors of the last century. Though he fervently used intellectual property protections and filed more than 1,000 patents in his lifetime, Edison understood the importance of using (…)

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  • First pilot project on the use of autonomous vehicles comes into effect

    The Autonomous Bus and Minibus Pilot Project 1 (the “Pilot Project”) came into effect in Quebec on August 16, 2018. The project provides guidelines for the regulated driving of the first autonomous vehicles on Quebec’s roads. Driving autonomous vehicles in quebec An autonomous vehicle is defined (…)

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  • Dr. Robot at your service: artificial intelligence in healthcare

    Artificial intelligence technologies are extremely promising in healthcare.1 By examining, cross-referencing and comparing a phenomenal amount of data,2 AI lets researchers work more quickly at a lower cost3 and facilitates doctors’ decision-making with regard to diagnosis, treatment and choice of (…)

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  • Ars Ex Machina: Artificial Intelligence, the artist

    Similarly to human beings, machines are now capable of creating. They can write poetry, compose symphonies and even paint canvasses. They can also take photographs without any human assistance and perform musical pieces with flexibility and expression. On the technical front, such (…)

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  • Autonomous cars in Quebec: the legal uncertainty is clarified at last

    With the enactment on April 17th 2018 of Bill 165, An Act to amend the Highway Safety Code and other provisions1, the driving of autonomous vehicles in Quebec is finally regulated, although a number of uncertainties remain. Indeed, the driving of autonomous vehicles of automation level 3, such as (…)

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  • Artificial Intelligence, Implementation and Human Resources

    In this era of a new industrial revolution, dubbed as “Industry 4.0”, businesses are facing sizable technological challenges. Some refer to smart plants or the industry of the future. This revolution is characterized by the advent of new technology that allows for the “smart” automation of human (…)

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  • Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence

    Although artificial intelligence has been evolving constantly in the past few years, the law sometimes has difficulty keeping pace with such developments. Intellectual property issues are especially important: businesses investing in these technologies must be sure that they can take full advantage (…)

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