Nurturing ambition: Lavery unveils a new brand image

Today, Lavery unveils its new brand image. This transformation is more than just a visual change; it reflects our desire to drive the growth of organizations that conduct business in Quebec.

Imbued with distinctive and current colours, contemporary imagery from a renowned Quebec illustrator and our desire to break industry codes, the new brand has been carefully conceived to fully embody our DNA, which focuses on business partnerships with our clients. Our new signature, both warm and distinctive, and our optimized positioning speak to our uniqueness in the market and the professional services industry. 

Our brand image is based on commitment, experience, added value and growth: the four main pillars that guide our actions and give meaning to each of our interventions.  

  • Lavery’s commitment is a pledge of loyalty and excellence. It’s a promise to serve our clients while upholding the profession’s highest standards. It’s a passion to contribute to business success. It’s a responsibility to leverage all our knowledge, experience, diligence and talent to deliver optimal results. It’s a willingness to listen so we can grasp expectations and adapt accordingly. A guarantee that our name is our word.
  • Our visual identity also reflects our vast experience. At Lavery, experience is measured in accomplishments, not years. It brings confidence, without complacency. It lets us stay the course at all times, avoiding pitfalls and needless detours. It enlightens us, without blinding us. It’s the foundation of our endurance and solid reputation. And we share it for the benefit of our clients, all key players in today’s economy.
  • Our team is composed of value creators who put their talents to work for our clients. We understand that our expertise is a means, not an end. A means of powering your business. A means of unearthing and seizing opportunities. A means of expanding horizons. A means of gaining leverage – and gaining ground. A means of achieving tangible, measurable results. A means of delivering more for your benefit – and your bottom line.
  • For Lavery, growth is all about delivering more, to generate added value. Value for our clients, so they can thrive and make a difference. Value for our professionals and employees, as they strive to fulfil their potential. Value for the community, which benefits from the spinoffs we help create. At Lavery, growth is what allows us to think big.

These four distinct traits are the foundation of the Lavery promise. It is precisely what we want to convey with our new image: a personalized approach with proven results, supported by a competent and integrated team that is resolutely committed to its clients’ success.

That is the Lavery signature.

We also invite you to read our press release.

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