A new brand image that reflects Lavery’s ambition

Today, Lavery is proud to unveil its new brand image. This significant transformation embodies our firm’s desire to drive the growth of organizations that do business in Quebec. Both warm and accessible, the result of this initiative attests to the firm’s uniqueness and its desire to break industry norms by adopting a human and innovative approach based on personalized support.

The new visual platform, created by BrandBourg in collaboration with the internal team, was designed to communicate Lavery’s mission, which focuses on partnership with its clients and its closeness to the business community. It combines its current distinctive colours with the contemporary imagery of renowned Quebec illustrator Sébastien Thibault, whose work is featured in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian and The Economist.

“Our completely renewed signature is both a more accurate reflection of what our firm is today and what it aspires to embody even more in the coming years,” says Anik Trudel, Lavery’s Chief Executive Officer. “This reaffirms our commitment to our clients’ success, which is based on the personalized approach of a competent team that is integrated in a 360-degree approach and is truly attentive to their needs.”

Visually expressing the Lavery promise

Lavery’s colour palette now plays with the shades of green that already distinguish the firm in the industry. The coral colour brings contrast, originality and warmth.

The updated logo retains the friendly, approachable feel of the brand and creates a timeless, strong character.  The green line that accompanies the name Lavery recalls the line on which we affix a signature and thus symbolizes our commitment.

The new handwritten signature “Signed Lavery” refers to Lavery’s human side and the personalization of its service. 

Furthermore, the removal of the descriptor “Lawyers” that was a part of the previous logo reflects both the presence of a growing number of legal professionals complementary to the practice of law, and the firm’s confidence in its positioning in the business community.

“Our visual identity reflects the dynamic nature of our firm and the uniqueness of our positioning. It will help us to leverage digital codes even more effectively, in addition to offering us new options for communicating in an engaging and visual way with our target audiences, both internally and externally,” says Joanne Lajeunesse, Director, Communications and Marketing.

The clients surveyed in the course of the project emphasized the innovative, professional, artistic and sophisticated nature of the final result. 

A positioning reflecting the image of today’s Lavery

Our brand image is based on commitment, experience, added value and growth, the four main pillars that guide our actions and give meaning to each of the firm’s interventions.

Lavery’s promise is a guarantee of loyalty and excellence that is shared for the benefit of our clients, key players in the economy. It is a promise to leverage our talent for their benefit.

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