Lavery celebrates World Intellectual Property Day

This year, the World Intellectual Property Day theme is "Women and Intellectual Property: Accelerating innovation and creativity". Therefore, Lavery is pleased to recognize the contribution of a female inventor.

Lila Madour


Women face significant barriers in the patent and telecommunications sectors, where under-representation and gender bias are unfortunately common. In the field of patent application drafting, women represent only 12% of inventors, while in telecommunications, only a quarter of professional positions are held by women. In spite of this situation, pioneers like Lila Madour are making significant contributions to their fields, overcoming these challenges with determination and skill. Her success is an inspiration to women around the world who are pursuing a career in these industries.

Lila Madour has more patents than she can even remember, which is a great testament to her passion for invention. She is the inventor of 47 patent families, for a total of 295 patents and patent applications!

In 2003, Lila became the first woman to win Ericsson’s Inventor of the Year award. She was only doing what she loves, but it was still a major milestone! She is proud that she has been able to break down barriers in a field that is generally dominated by men. Lila likes to solve problems, and luckily for her, there are always problems to solve in the world of telecommunications. She has a keen mind for finding solutions and a deep understanding of the end-to-end functioning of networks.

After Lila Madour’s success in inventing and drafting patent applications, she continued her career in the world of intellectual property. She worked on Ericsson’s impressive patent portfolio in the company’s patent department. Having lots of patents is only half the battle—the real challenge is to convert patents into profits.

Lila has a deep understanding of both the technology and the patent portfolio she has helped create. Her success in the IP world is a testament to her skills as an inventor and her dedication to her craft. She is a true pioneer in the world of intellectual property, and her contributions have helped shape the industry as it exists today.

Lila Madour’s achievements are particularly noteworthy given the challenges faced by women in the patent and telecommunications sectors. In both areas, women have historically been under-represented and face barriers that are not experienced by their male counterparts. 

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