Opération Père Noël at Lavery: A successful initiative

The Opération Père Noël 2013 at Lavery was a successful initiative. Thanks to the generosity of Lavery employees, more than 80 children from disadvantaged families and orphans will receive a gift during the Holidays.

Chaired by Mr. Jonathan Lacoste-Jobin, a Litigation associate at Lavery, this yearly activity was organized by a dedicated team comprising Ms. Michèle Gamache, a Business Law associate at Lavery, Ms. Marie-Ève Gauthier, Ms. Line Grandmaison, Ms. Chantal Verreault as well as Ms. Marie-Claude Galarneau and her son, Julien.

This initiative shows the extent of Lavery’s community involvement which is also expressed through pro bono activities or the Centraide Campaign. Established in 1995, Opération Père Noël is a non-profit organization that allows children to experience the magic of Christmas on December 25 by receiving the gift they wanted. Opération Père Noël acknowledges Lavery’s sustained community presence since the firm is a “corporate contributor” of this organization.

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