Lavery GO inc. partners with Startup Salad MTL 2017

Concordia University hosted Startup Salad x MTL 2017, a competition organized by the Asian-Pacific Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation (“APYEF”) and held May 5 to 7, 2017. This year’s winning team was awarded the services of the Lavery GO inc. Program.

Martin Bédard, Shan Jiang, Felicia Jin and Sonia Rasquinha attended to listen to the teams’ presentations and award the prize to the winner.

Startup Salad is a competition banner that hosts events in over 50 cities worldwide. This year’s competition took place in Montréal thanks to the APYEF, a Montréal-based association that seeks to establish an Asia-Pacific sharing platform for young entrepreneurs. Competitors had 52 hours to form teams and prepare a business plan. Each team then had to present their plan to a panel of professionals who selected the winning team.

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