Kathy Dallaire, CEDS


Paralegal - Litigation Support

Kathy Dallaire has been a paralegal in the litigation field since 2000. She is involved in all aspects of litigation from its inception through the appeals process, including drafting legal documents, gathering evidence, preparing witnesses for examination and trial testimony, attending examinations, organizing and managing evidence, preparing and maintaining exhibit binders and books of authorities, managing and responding to witness undertakings, presenting and transmitting interactive digital documents, as well as supporting lawyers during trials.

 She provides technological support to litigation lawyers for the processing, researching, and management of digital information in document-intensive litigation ensuring it is readily available to team members throughout the litigation process and at hearing.

Ms. Dallaire also coordinates the litigation technology support service, which aims to maximize the efficiency of the firm’s specialized technology ensuring that work is performed in the most efficient and state-of-the-art manner. Ms. Dallaire coordinates the processing of large data sets and the efficient and defensible reduction in volume of collections, the search for responsive information within a collection, preparation of productions, redactions and other branding, providing quality assurance for each of these processes. She works closely with the IT department to ensure the best tools are available to the litigation team and provides the necessary training and support. Administration, training, and support for management tools for major cases are centralized within the litigation technology support service to ensure the optimal balance between internal resources and reliable external resources, thus ensuring effective time management and the lowest possible cost to clients while meeting the need for cost predictability.

In the course of her duties, Ms. Dallaire has attended numerous lengthy trials.  She acted as clerk to the Commission of Inquiry into the activities of Option Canada, where she was responsible for the large computerized database, for training the working team (lawyers, forensic accountants, and investigators) and for providing technical support to the team. She also managed the schedule for the Commission, which involved hearing almost 100 witnesses over an eight-month period.

Spoken languages

  • French and English


  • Certified E-Discovery Specialist
  • Summation Certified Specialist (holds the following certifications: Summation Certified Enduser (SCE), Summation Certified Case Manager (SCCM) and Summation Certified Administrator (SCA))
  • Legal Techniques, Collège Ahuntsic 

Boards and Professional Affiliations

  • Member of the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS)
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