Information, Privacy and Defamation


At Lavery, we were the first major law firm to anticipate, almost 30 years ago, the cardinal importance that information was acquiring in our society. Whether it involves the right of access to governmental information, the protection of personal information, cross-border data flow, the use of information technology, respect of privacy, reputation and personal image or the right to be forgotten, our seasoned lawyers in the information and privacy sector offer you a comprehensive perspective thanks to the depth and breadth of their expertise and the broad range of services they have to offer.

Over the years, Mr. Doray, Ad.E., and his team have represented numerous public and private organizations in matters relating to the confidential nature of documents, the validity of certain governmental decisions, reputation and privacy. They act as legal counsel for many large corporations, professional orders, public organizations and media companies in important cases regarding administrative and constitutional law. Furthermore, they have represented various clients in defamation and invasion of privacy law suits.


  • Legal opinions and dispute resolutions: protection of privacy and personal information in public and private sectors in general and with regards to employer-employee privacy issues in particular (protection of personal information, video-surveillance, use of information technology, collection, use and communication of personal information prior to and during employment, etc.)
  • Legal opinions and dispute resolutions: access to provincial and federal governmental information
  • Legal opinions and dispute resolutions: solicitor-client privilege and litigation privilege
  • Legal opinions and dispute resolutions: freedom of the press, defamation, right to privacy and one's personal image, and protection of information sources
  • Compliance audits and risk management
  • Operational support in case of loss or theft of personal information
  • Representation before government and legislative bodies in matters relating to access to information and privacy policies and legislation
  • Relations with provincial and federal regulatory authorities, including the Commission d'accès à l'information, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada
  • Protection of commercial, financial, technical and industrial information supplied to governments by businesses
  • Interpretation of the rules in matters relating to telemarketing and philanthropic solicitation
  • Class action suits in matters relating to the protection of personal information and privacy
  • Structuring online national and international commercial transactions
  • Management and organizational support for businesses and public bodies to ensure their compliance with the applicable rules governing the protection of personal information, namely when designing computer systems and Internet sites
  • Protection of privacy, personal image and reputation in connection with the use of new information technologies (Internet, social media and cloud computing)
  • Archiving and transferring documents electronically
  • Application of the new Canadian anti-spam legislation
  • Application of the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act and of the Lobbying Act
  • Application in Canada of the European directives in regards to personal data treatment, the U.S. Helms-Burton law, the Patriot Act and the ITAR
  • Advice relating to the right to be forgotten