Many of the decisions made by private companies and public bodies are subject to environmental regulations or have an environmental impact for which they may be held liable.

This situation, which calls for caution, is complicated by the fact that the competence to grant environmental authorizations is not concentrated in the hands of a single government entity. This responsibility is shared by many different players at the municipal, regional, provincial, and federal levels depending on the issues involved, so it is important to begin by identifying the competent authority. Lavery’s expertise in this field is recommended by the 2017 Canadian Legal LEXPERT Directory.


  • Environmental assessments and authorizations
  • Provincial and municipal regulatory compliance
  • Environmental policy development and enforcement
  • Environmental assessments and audits
  • Hazardous materials management and transportation
  • Environmental risk management
  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements and contracts
  • Permit and authorization applications
  • Investigations and inspections
  • Environmental disputes
  • Contaminated site redevelopment and project authorizations
  • Climate change: carbon emission regulations and trading
  • Drainage water management and corollary issues: wetlands and floodplains
  • Drinking water supply and wastewater treatment
  • Residual materials management