The chemical industry produces more than 70,000 different chemicals for all purposes. Our expertise in chemistry includes, among others:

  • general chemistry, including organic and inorganic chemistry,
  • chemical engineering,
  • small molecules, polymers, composites and other materials,
  • processes and catalysts,
  • electrochemistry,
  • nanotechnology,
  • reactors and measurement apparatuses, and
  • environmental chemistry and cleantech.

In particular, we have developed greater expertise in:

  • chemical insecticides and pesticides,
  • contrasting agents,
  • dyes,
  • hydrogels,
  • industrial chemical additives,
  • lactose separation processes,
  • molecular manufacturing,
  • petrochemistry (bitumen compositions, catalysts and processes),
  • plastics and polymers,
  • printing: ink, color printing, manufacture of dies,
  • processes for the isolation of molecules,
  • pulp and paper,
  • waste treatment devices and processes,
  • waste water treatment, and
  • zeolithic catalysts.