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André Laurin specializes in business law. He has broad experience in diverse areas of the law, enabling him to assist clients from a wide range of businesses, most notably in the areas of mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance. He also has extensive experience in corporate management, and as a corporate director and project manager.

He represents large businesses, multinationals, SMEs, government corporations and non-profit organizations in such fields as the food industry, communications, travel, health, professional services, insurance, new technologies, transportation, real estate, mining, finance and investment, pulp and paper, energy and philanthropy.

Representative work
Mr. Laurin handles a variety of business law mandates, including the sale and acquisition of businesses, takeover bids, mergers and arrangements, various commercial transactions, financings and the drafting of specialized commercial contracts (strategy, conception, advice and negotiation). He also acts as an arbitrator in commercial disputes.

He regularly gives specialized advice, training and courses on corporate governance, directors' liability and professional and business ethics not only to such clients as public and private corporations, Crown corporations, public bodies, professional orders, self-regulatory bodies and non-profit organizations, but also to corporate executives, members of boards of directors and committees and corporate counsel. These services are available where the client is reviewing its existing practices, implementing new practices or corporate safeguards and also in connection with specific transactions or special events, such as takeover bids, share redemptions, business combinations, conflicts of interest, etc.

Conferences and presentations
Mr. Laurin is regularly invited to speak at conferences. In addition to the private seminars and training given to boards of directors, corporate management and other legal persons, the following are some of the presentations he has given in the past few years:

  • Moderator and speaker at the workshop organized by the Order of Chartered Accountants, May 31, 2011, on the theme “Limiter la responsabilité professionnelle – Les grands enjeux”.
  • Moderator and lecturer for the governance training seminar entitled: “Une gouvernance créatrice de valeurs” - offered as part of the “Management and Executive Training” program at the HEC (Montreal), in collaboration with the Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations.
  • Lecturer at the École du Barreau (Montreal) on the topic: “L’exercice de la profession au Québec: contexte, approche et conseils pratiques
  • “Être membre d’un conseil d’administration” (joint presentation with Marie Giguère - Quebec Bar Annual Conference - June 2010)
  • Le conseiller juridique en entreprise et les risques de responsabilité” – corporate counsel committee (March 2010)
  • Le rôle du conseiller juridique d’entreprise et les contraintes auxquelles il a à faire face” - joint seminar with André Vautour - Lavery symposium on risk management (September 2009)
  • Responsabilité des administrateurs et gouvernance de sociétés” (joint seminar with Thierry Dorval - Quebec Bar Annual Conference - May 2009)
  • Gestion des risques pour la haute direction: Responsabilité des administrateurs et des dirigeants” Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (April 2009)
  • Le conseiller juridique d'entreprise et certaines dispositions du Code de déontologie des avocats” (Quebec Bar Annual Conference – May/June 2007)
  • Camp d’entraînement sur les Conventions d’Affaires “Les aspects pré-rédactionnels et les éléments d’une approche systématique et disciplinée aux contrats”- “Les ententes de confidentialité” – “Les conventions de service” – “La vérification diligente” – Canadian Institute (January & February 2009)
  • Approches contractuelles et cadre législatif et jurisprudentiel d'interprétation” (Federated Press – May 2007)
  • L'administrateur-représentant ou “Nominee” et son double devoir de loyauté: comment résoudre le conflit?” (Canadian Institute - December 2006)
  • La loyauté en affaires, un sujet qui porte à conséquence” (Lavery presentation jointly with Guy Lemay and Élise Poisson – October 2006)
  • Mise en lumière de certains aspects de la régie d'entreprise” (Canadian Institute - January 2006)
  • Les enjeux et les obligations des administrateurs propres aux différentes sociétés” (Canadian Institute - October 2005)
  • Les impacts de la gouvernance d'entreprise sur les investisseurs en capital de risqué” (Canadian Institute - April 2005)
  • Culture d'intégrité, code d'éthique et régie d'entreprise” (Federated Press – December 2004)
  • Les conventions de service” (Insight - October 2004, 2002 and 2001)
  • Les nouvelles règles et lignes directrices en matière de régie d'entreprise et leur impact sur les obligations des administrateurs et dirigeants” (Canadian Institute – September 2004)
  • Déontologie et régie d'entreprise” (Canadian Corporate Counsel Association, Quebec Branch - February 2004)
  • La rémunération des dirigeants” (Insight - December 2003) as chair and presenter
  • La vérification diligente au plan juridique” (Insight - October 2003)
  • Défis critiques - membres du conseil” (Perform - June 2003) - as chair and moderator
  • Les précautions à prendre par les administrateurs pour réduire leur responsabilité” (Canadian Institute - May 2003)
  • La gouvernance d'entreprise et la responsabilité des administrateurs” - Advanced forum on securities (Canadian Institute - February 2003) as chair and presenter

Mr. Laurin has also published various bulletins,* including:

  • Directors and Risk Management
  • Directors’ Duties in Light of the Peoples and BCE Decisions
  • Your Contracts: a Systematic and Disciplined Approach is Called For
  • The Role of the Chair of the Board of Directors
  • In-house Counsel's Obligations - Under Certain Provisions of the Code of Ethics of Advocates
  • When Should a Director Resign?
  • Directors of Quebec Non-profit Organizations (NPOs)
  • A Recent Quebec Court of Appeal Decision Involving Extracontractual Liability of Directors
  • The Nominee Director and Conflicting Loyalties
  • Corporate Directors: Suggested Precautions
  • Directors' Liability, Indemnification and Insurance Coverage
  • The New Corporate Governance Rules and Guidelines

*These bulletins are available on Lavery's website or may be obtained by contacting Mr. Laurin's assistant.

Mtre Laurin will publish in the spring 2014 a series of factsheets answering in a simple and practical manner to more than 40 questions which corporate directors may ask themselves.

Professional and community activities

  • Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Université de Sherbrooke (2014-..)
  • Member of the University Senate and the Board of Directors of the Université de Sherbrooke (2012-…)
  • Member of Standard Life's independent investment review committee (2007-2013)
  • Chairman of the Board of the Opéra de Montréal (1999-2006)
  • Director and member of various board committees of Alliance Forest Products Inc. (1994-2001)
  • Managing partner of Lavery (1992-2000)
  • Chairman of the Board of Lavery (1988-1992)
  • Participant in the development of ethics guidelines for multidisciplinary companies (2005)
  • Member of the special committee established to review the governance of the Québec Bar (2005-2006)
  • Member of the advisory committees on governance of the Commission des valeurs mobilières du Québec (Quebec Securities Commission) and of the Fédération des Chambres de commerce du Québec (Quebec Federation of Boards of Trade) (2003)
  • Chaired and directed the work of the committee of the Québec Bar responsible for revising the Lawyers' Code of Professional Conduct (2003-2004)
  • President of the Québec Bar's Committee on Multi-disciplinary Practice (2001-2003)
  • Member of the Quebec Bar's task force on the exercise of the profession by way of a company or a limited liability partnership (2002-2003)
  • Chaired the planning committee for the March 11, 2003 workshop on lawyers' professional conduct, at which he served as chairman and a speaker
  • Recipient of the "Mérite 2003" award of the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Québec, which was given to [translation] "honour a lawyer for his accomplishments and recognize his remarkable contribution to the development of the profession within the Quebec professional system"

Professional affiliations

  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), certified director


  • Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD Corporate Governance College), directors' improvement program diploma, 2006
  • Université de Montréal, LL.L., 1969
  • Collège St-Ignace, B.A., 1966
  • Member of Quebec Bar since 1971