At Lavery, we have built a strong legal team combining extensive expertise and experience in aboriginal law to advise and support you in the implementation of your projects and activities in treaty areas, near areas used for traditional activities, or in areas subject to aboriginal claims.


  • Advise corporate clients on the existence of indigenous and treaty rights or land claims agreements
  • Advise clients on the status of aboriginal land claims
  • Advise clients on the duties of the Crown and on governmental policies, guidelines, and practices with respect to consultation and accommodation
  • Advise clients on environmental assessments and the regulation of projects
  • Offer clients strategic and practical advice with respect to relations with aboriginal communities and governments
  • Advise clients on due diligence with respect to matters related to aboriginal law
  • Negotiate agreements, including impact and benefit agreements and other agreements of a socio-economic or environmental nature relating to energy, mining, and infrastructure projects
  • Draft submissions and represent clients before boards and other government bodies
  • Represent corporate clients in complex disputes involving the determination of indigenous rights and aboriginal title and other issues relating to the rights of Aboriginal peoples