Business Succession


Your hard work and perseverance allowed you to build a prosperous business? Are you one of those entrepreneurs who quit counting the hours they spent advancing their businesses? All business owners eventually have to plan for their successions, whether in the context of retirement, the sale to a third party or a transfer to their families or employees. Developing a succession plan is crucial for being able to deal effectively with this reality as success depends upon proper planning. In fact, implementing a succession plan may take from two to five years, even longer in certain cases. Therefore, one is well-advised to plan ahead to meet one's objectives.

Our seasoned professionals in the area of business law well understand the realities and issues specific to business succession planning and will help you develop an exit strategy. They will advise you as to the various options available to you, as well as the tax consequences of each option and the mechanisms to implement now to prepare for the possible transfer of your business and ensure its long-term prosperity.

The members of our team are also precious strategic allies for entrepreneurs who wish to take up the reins of an existing business. Our professionals will help them along the way and advise them in the context of the negotiation, the transaction and the transition with a view to insure the growth and continuation of their new businesses.

Lastly, the members of our team may put you in contact with various persons who may contribute to your success, such as financial planners, venture capital investors or bankers: we will be able to understand your needs and send you to the necessary resource persons.


  • Strategic advice and analysis of the tax consequences for you and your successors
  • Implementation of wealth management mechanisms (estate freeze, shareholders' agreement, will) and estate planning to minimize tax impacts upon the transfer
  • Advice pertaining to and drafting of documents related to business transfer
  • Support to entrepreneurs who take up the reins of a business, strategic advice and negotiation