Lavery AI Grant


What is the Lavery AI Grant?

Offered to start-ups in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), Lavery AI Grant is an annual grant and will be awarded each spring by Fondation Montréal inc. and Lavery to the start-up that has made the biggest impact in the area of artificial intelligence and that demonstrates great potential for growth.

What is the amount of Lavery AI Grant?

Valued at $15,000, grant winners will also have access to the full range of services provided by Fondation Montréal inc., as well as legal coaching by Lavery, tailored to the needs of young businesses in the artificial intelligence industry including intellectual property, protection of personal information and financing.

Why has the Lavery AI Grant been created?

“With each passing day, Montréal is becoming the world city for artificial intelligence and six months ago, Lavery created L³IA, an AI legal laboratory to analyze and predict the impact of AI in specific areas of the law, from intellectual property to the protection of personal information, including corporate governance and every aspect of business law. Our intention in creating this grant was to resolutely propel start-ups working in this activity sector and offer them legal guidance using the knowledge we developed in our laboratory,” stated Guillaume Lavoie, a partner and head of the Lavery CAPITAL group.

“Young entrepreneurs are increasingly incorporating artificial intelligence into the core of their business model. We are happy that we can offer, in addition to the grant, services specific to this industry, thereby strengthening the role of Fondation Montréal inc. as a super connector with the business community,” remarked Liette Lamonde, Executive Director of Fondation Montréal inc. 

Am I Eligible?

Apart from the fact of working in the artificial intelligency field, the eligibility criteria are the same that for the Fondation Montréal inc.'s Grant+. For more information, click here.

How can I apply for the Lavery AI Grant?

All candidates to the Lavery AI Grant must submit their application via Fondation Montréal inc.'s website. The deadlines, selection process and documents to fill in are the same than for the Grant+. To get more information, click here.