Misconduct and harassment matters in the workplace


Companies, institutions, oversight bodies, sports organizations and associations and their respective decision-makers are sometimes investigated for misconduct or as a result of whistleblower complaints alleging misconduct of various kinds, including displaying inappropriate behaviour, subjecting others to physical, sexual or psychological abuse, creating toxic environments, causing fear and silence, and bringing about situations of physical, psychological or emotional abuse.

Such investigations and complaints can tarnish the image and reputation of these entities and their decision-makers, not to mention threaten public confidence in their ability to implement good governance. Moreover, failure to act can have serious consequences, both on their activities and on the liability of their directors and officers.

To ensure their sustainability, these entities no longer have the choice of being able to rely on professionals to accompany them through these unforeseen crisis situations that may arise from complaints made in multiple media platforms.

Our lawyers have the expertise and experience to guide them through these unique situations. They can provide advice and guidance in the investigation and resolution of misconduct, including establishing a crisis team and working with all parties involved to find a positive and long-term resolution.


  • Support in internal and external investigation processes
  • Support and representation in public inquiry processes with the competent authorities, in particular
  • Audits, process analysis reports, recommendations and follow-up on recommendations
  • Strategic advice to boards of directors, special committees and funding institutions
  • Crisis management plan and communication strategy
  • Independent investigations and inquiry reports on all forms of alleged misconduct
  • Analysis of disciplinary measures and recommendations
  • Preparation of testimony and statements
  • Recommendations and advice to improve governance
  • Strategies to mitigate the risk of legal action (including class actions)
  • Audit and assessment of current governance practices